Retinalamin (Retina & Eyes)

Retinalamin (Retina & Eyes)

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    Retinalamin is a complex made up of natural retinal peptides. It normalizes the function of the retina and eyes by reducing their peptide deficiency and restoring protein synthesis inside their cells.

    Retinalamin activates retinal cell reserves, thus increasing cell survivability and regenerative capacity when the retina and optic nerve have been damaged. It increases metabolism and blood flow, reduces local inflammation, optimizes vascular permeability in eyes, and improves visual functions (e.g., visual field extension, low-light eyesight, and visual acuity).

    Retinal injuries may be caused by various factors, and they may have different disease patterns. However, they are all accompanied by the death of retinal neurons due to pathological processes with similar molecular mechanisms.

    Retinalamin is a retinal protection agent that takes direct action on the retina. It triggers retinal neuron regeneration and adaptation mechanisms in pathological processes, thus improving visual function in diseases such as glaucoma, macular dystrophy, myopia, and diabetic retinopathy. Retinalamin improves ocular tissue metabolism, normalizes cellular membrane functions, optimizes intracellular protein synthesis and energetic processes, and regulates lipid peroxidation processes.

    The benefits of Retinalamin are tissue specificity, a lack of significant side effects, suitability for short-course treatment, and long-term clinical effects. The efficacy of Retinalamin has been proven at the cellular and molecular levels.

    The data is supported by specific retinal and optic nerve studies.

    Ingredients: water-soluble polypeptide fractions 5 mg, glycine 17 mg (stabilizer)

    Form: 10 vials of lyophilisate to prepare the solution for intramuscular or parabulbar injections

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